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Hello, I am Mindy Galindo, Your Family Legacy and Life Lawyer.

My goal is to be your trusted advisor and to help individuals, couples, and families preserve their wealth and dignity. It is important to consciously plan for the unknown, ensuring your loved ones are protected.

I realize the legal community can be stale and impersonal. When I founded Family Roots Law, APC, I wanted to ensure that my clients were able to receive a more authentic and down-to-earth approach when discussing such a sensitive topic. As a mother of four children, I have first-hand knowledge of the complexity of creating a trust that will protect your family in all life stages. As a probate litigator, I have personal experience with the potential risks and pitfalls when estate planning is not done thoughtfully. I take great pleasure in helping them determine what options are available to them while providing valuable advice along the way. It is incredibly satisfying to see my clients understand the importance of estate planning and then implement sound strategies that can benefit their families for generations.

I am a North County, San Diego native; I grew up in the City of Vista and reside in the community of Oceanside. I attended California Western School of Law, and upon passing the California Bar, I worked for a large volume personal injury firm, where I realized that death does not have an age. I then joined an Orange County probate and litigation firm, where I learned that people needed to be prepared to protect their loved ones from falling victim to the probate court system.

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Why You Should Choose Our Legal Firm

Choosing the right probate lawyer is an essential decision, one that has lasting implications for you and your family's legacy. I firmly believe that my firm will be your best choice. As a seasoned attorney with years of experience specializing in probate cases, I've built a reputation for delivering exceptional service to my clients. My primary role as your advocate is not just to navigate the intricate labyrinth of legalities but to ensure that you're well-informed and confident every step of the way. It's my duty to protect your interests passionately and make certain you grasp and understand every decision made throghout the entire process.

Over the years, I've deepened my expertise in probate law, successfully maneuvering through some of the most challenging cases and delivering favorable outcomes for my clients. Such achievements are not just a testament to my skills but a reflection of the dedication and commitment of my entire team. Together, we pledge our unwavering attention and support, ensuring that you never feel adrift in the complexities of probate proceedings. With us by your side, you're not just gaining legal representation but a trusted partner devoted to preserving and honoring your family's legacy.

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